Nicer Dicer | 12Pcs Kitchen Tool Set Super Slicer, Peeler, Dicer Cutter, Chopper

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Nicer Dicer with All Accessories
12 Pieces
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Package Includes:
1 x Removable top part with self cleaning function
1 x Cutting base
1 x Dual blade for cutting ¼” x ¼” or ½” x ½”cubes
1 x Dual blade for cutting ¾” x ¾” or ¼” x 1 ½” cubes
1 x Dual wedging blade (4 pieces or 8 pieces)
1 x Cutting stamp for top part
1 x Partial blade cover
1 x Slicer with blade protector
1 x Food holder for slicer

1 x 1,500ml container
1 x Fresh keeping lid for container


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